A Client-Focused Plan
At WB, we believe in offering a client-centric approach to concrete construction. Our goal is to minimize hassle and maximize your budget in the concrete construction process.

Our process begins with our qualified team of estimators, who will determine what needs to be done to make our client’s vision a reality. The estimators work with project managers to plan and coordinate all aspects of the job. Once the bid process is complete, our highly trained concrete contractors use the latest technology and equipment to construct the project, leaving you with a superior finished structure. Every member of our company, from the estimator to the journeyman, works as a team to ensure the best final project.

Ductilcrete® Slab Systems
Click to learn more about a cost effective method to achieve higher-quality concrete slabs with 70% fewer joints, 80% fewer cracks and virtually no curl.

Combined Concrete, Civil and Infrastructure Services
Imagine the convenience of having the same experts develop your site AND build the foundations or slab-on-grade for your next project. Wayne Brothers is unique in being able to offer, not just collaborative partnering, but combined services—making your job easier.

Combined Services Include: Site Preparation, Grading Services, Utility Access, Foundations, Concrete, Placing, Finishing, and Duct Banks.

Cast-in-Place Walls
Concrete Floor Replacement
Concrete Paving
Concrete Repair and Rehab
Elevated Concrete Decks
Equipment / Machine Pads
Floor Joints and Surface Repairs
Footings and Tank Pads
Structural Concrete
Structure Demolition / Renovation
Super-Flat Slabs
Tilt-up Concrete