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The Wayne Brothers Geotechnical Solutions group is growing. Deep foundation services have been offered for many years, but in 2020 the Geotechnical Solutions group was founded to offer more services. The group has completed over 15 projects across the Southeast, most designed by our in-house Engineering team (Southern Engineering Company).

“Being able to bring design and construction together means we can provide clients with the best solution. As project sites are getting tighter and more complex, you really need a deep understanding of project objectives and have the ability to offer a variety of Geotechnical Solutions. This combination is one reason why our clients are choosing us over the competition”, Cameron Day, Senior Project Manager Geotechnical Solutions.

The Geotechnical Solutions group specializes in deep foundations, ground improvement, and temporary and permanent earth retention systems. These solutions are often used in conjunction with our Civil & Infrastructure and Concrete services. “Our teams work as one so we can shorten the duration on a project. What we offer as a company is unique, we can literally get a client out of the ground and built up to the anchor bolts. Wayne Brothers can provide the design and deliver the Geotechnical Solutions, Civil & Infrastructure, and Concrete services as one package. This is exciting to us and we feel our clients will find a lot of value in it too”, Jim Rhodes, VP of Civil & Infrastructure.

The Geotechnical Solutions group will be hiring for multiple positions as it continues to expand operations geographically and across market segments.

Please reach out to Cameron Day with any questions.

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