A Client-Focused Plan

The integrity of your construction site affects the entire outcome of your project. Wayne Brothers is an expert at handling all phases of construction site work; from excavation and erosion control to building pads and energy infrastructure.

With a full line of construction grading equipment, GPS and laser-guided capabilities, Wayne Brothers is able to handle large and small construction site development projects. By creating computer-aided detailed takeoffs, our team of experienced estimators eliminate the guess-work typically associated with grading estimates, and de-liver a project that is on budget and hassle-free.

Combined Concrete, Civil and Infrastructure, and Geotechnical Solutions

Imagine the convenience of having the same experts design, develop your site AND build the foundations or slab-on-grade for your next project. Wayne Brothers is unique in being able to offer, not just collaborative partnering, but combined services—making your job easier and cost effective.

Wayne Brothers Geotechnical Solutions specializes in the design and construction of deep foundations, ground improvement, and temporary and permanent earth retention systems. With experienced Geotechnical Engineers in-house, Wayne Brothers will provide clients with the most efficient design-build Geotechnical solutions tailored to your project. From augercast piles and stone columns to micropiles and soil nailing, Wayne Brothers serves clients in a unique way by coordinating the work among all the services provided by Civil & Infrastructure, Structural Concrete, and Industrial Services groups.

Combined Services Include: Geotechnical Solutions, Site Preparation, Grading Services, Utility Access, Foundations, Concrete, Placing, Finishing, and Duct Banks.

See how Wayne Brothers is using the latest VDC technology to model each stage of the civil and infrastructure process.

Building Pads
Cast-in-Place Retaining Walls
Clearing / Disposal
Concrete Paving
Construction Entrances
Deep Foundations
Design Build / Value Engineering
Detention Systems
Duct Banks
Erosion Control
Excavation / Hauling
Modular Retaining Walls
Parking Lots
Stone Placement
Storm Drainage
Water and Sewer